Style Presets

Style Presets

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Basic Styles

Basic styles add simple effects to your grid such as drop shadows and hover animations.

To apply  a basic style, select one or many of the play buttons, and then press the update update.


Reset is a special style that resets all editor panels except query source to defaults.  It does this without resetting your undo history, so you can always hit undo after a rese to get back to your previous configuration.

Resets are handy if you have applied a number of large number of changes and/or presets to your grid and just want to start again without undoing a the full history.

Font Styles

This will add a set of preset font styles that override your theme settings.  This is useful when your standard theme font styling does not work that well with your Dyggrid, and changing it through your theme is too difficult to achieve.

The fonts are added to the custom CSS field on the CSS / classes panel.  You can further customise the fonts by editing the css in that field.