Image Settings

Image Settings

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Image Location

Chose the location where the featured image / media library image should be placed within each cell.


The image will cover the entire background of the cell.  This setting applies a background-image style and not an <img> element, so including an image in the element pattern will have no effect.  Background images will center, and cover the entire cell.


Images will use your settings in the element pattern.  You will need to include the image field within your pattern for this setting to have an effect.


No image will be show.  This setting will override your element pattern.

Image Aspect Ratio

Set an aspect ratio to dynamically resize your images to a fixed aspect ratio regardless of the dimensions of the source file. This field appears when “Content” is selected as the image location.  Select or enter an aspect ratio in width:height format.   Any aspect ratio can be entered, or leave it blank to remove. Source images will not be modified.

This is a handy feature when you are generating a grid wiith images that do not have a uniform aspect ratio that would otherwise result in your grid looking a bit messy, for example:

With no aspect ratio:

Image Location

With aspect ratio set to 16:9

Image Location