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Load More

The load more settings control how pages of additional posts are loaded into a Dyggrid, the two options being by a button that requires a manual click, or automatically.  In both cases additional pages of content are loaded using AJAX.  This avoids the need for a page navigation that would slow down the process and provide a less optimal experience to the visitor.


Use AJAX load more

Select this option to have the next page automatically load into your Dyggrid when the load more button scrolls into the browser window view.   This happens so quickly that the button is never visible to the user.  In most cases this option creates the best user experience, however it is worth considering the comments in the Page Size documentation.

Note that “AJAX load more” is a common technical term to describe this behaviour, but misleading in this context as both load more options in Dyggrid use AJAX to load the next page.

Load more button contents

The default load more button is a ‘+’ sign.  You can enter an alternative label into this field.