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Media Library

Select Media Library to build a Dyggrid using the contents of the WordPress Media Library.  This is a great option for building dynamic image galleries based on a set of terms with the option to add a slideshow in a popup lightbox.


Taxonomy Filter Settings

Configure the next 3 fields to filter your post type results based on a taxonomy/term.

Taxonomy Filter

Drop down this field for a list of all taxonomies currently registered with your installation of WordPress.  You can also manually enter a taxonomy if you plan to configure one in the future.

WordPress does not attach any taxonomies to the Media Library by default.  There are many free plugins however that will do this for you including Attachment Taxonomies (simplest), Custom Post Types UI and the excellent Media Library Assistant.

Filter Operator

What operator to use to compare your taxonomy/term.  This will normally mean “IN” which means “is the term in this taxonomy”.

Filter term slug

This must be set to the term slug, not the term name.  For example if you are trying to build a gallery in a category called “Road Bikes”, the slug will likely be “ride-bikes”.   You can find the slug for each term by looking in the associated WordPress taxonomy list, e.g. dashboard/Media Library/Categories (if you have configured these with one of the above plugins).

To list multiple terms, separate them with a comma.

Also see the magic fields documenation in relation to filter term slug values.