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Sort Order

Use the sort order fields to configure the sort order of your Dygrid.


Order by

Drop down this field for a list of available sort fields on which to base the search.

Meta key

A meta key is only required if you want to search Dygrid based on the value of a custom field.  In this case you need to select ‘meta_value’ or ‘meta_value_num’ in the ‘Order by’ field and set your ‘Meta Key’ to the slug of the custom field.

The difference between ‘meta_value’ and ‘meta_value_num’  is that WordPress will sort respectively alphanumerically or numerically so if your custom field contains numbers only, always select meta_value_num.

Custom fields are a great way to control the order of your Dyggrid when the standard title, date, id etc won’t do the job.  For example you can add a custom field to your posts called featured_order that will place certain posts at the top.

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a great tool for adding custom fields to your posts.

Sort Order


The order field specifies the sort order to apply.  Drop down for a list of possible values.

Note that WordPress does support an order of ‘RAND’ that is not included in this list, although you can type in manually if you like.  Be aware that RAND will randomise the currently loaded page and not the full result set.  If you enable a load more option, each subsueqent page will have a random selection of all matching posts that will likely contain duplicates.  We recommend that you configure your Dyggrid so that all results load in a single page when using RAND (assuming this would not return too many posts).  The simplest way to do this is:

Sort Order