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Select Taxonomy to build a Dyggrid with the terms of a taxonomy.  For example, if you have terms in your “categories” taxonomy for news, blog and latest, your Dyggrid would contain these 3 terms.

Taxonomy grids a extremely useful for building pseudo menus, such as a list of all the categories in your Woocommerce Shop.

You can also download third party plugins to add images to your taxonomy terms, and Dyggrid will use these as images in your grid.  Dyggrid supports:

  • Categories Images plugin, which adds a handy Media Library button to your term edit pages
  • Advanced Custom Fields plugin, Dyggrid will detect a field called ‘taxonomy_image’ that has been added to your term edit pages.  This field needs to contain the full URL to the Media Library image that Dyggrid should use for that term.



Drop down this field for a list of all taxonomies currently registered with your installation of WordPress.  You can also manually enter a taxonomy if you plan to configure one in the future.  A default WordPress installation will have “category” and “post_tag”, however themes and plugins routinely add additional taxonomies.  To add additional taxonomies yourself you can use the Custom Post Types UI plugin.

Only terms attached to the current post

Check this box to only include the terms from the selected Taxonomy that are attached to the current page or post.  This is useful for creating a term list, or a grid with term images associated with the current page.