Style Presets

Style Presets

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Theme Presets

Select one or many of the theme presets and press the update button to theme your Dyggrid.  Examples of  many of our themes can be previewed on our Grid Styles page.

Theme presets will reconfigure your Dyggrid settings to achieve the target design, including in some cases adding CSS classes.  To ensure the desired style is achieved, a reset is applied at the same time.  You can experiment with selecting multiple presets on the same Dyggrid.  In some cases the presets will change the same setting, in which case the one that executes last will be take precedence. After pressing update, you will notice the settings have been applied in your editor.

We’ve designed Dyggrid to be super flexible with limitless design combinations, so feel free to modify the settings after applying a preset to design something unique.  You can also add in some of the basic style presets as well to further enhance your design.

Removing a preset

The easiest way to achieve this is with undo or reset.  Alternatively you can manually revert any changed settings using the editor making sure to delete any classes that may have been added.