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Most themes provide only limited support for your main Woocommerce Shop grid.  With Dyggrid, you have full control over how your products are displayed.  You can also add sorting and filtering widgets to give your customer’s more control, and sold badges for out of stock items.


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Woo Products
antique military leather boots


Antique Military Leather Boots

Woo Products
assorted sea shells sourced from Northern Territory found C.1920

Assorted Sea Shells

Woo Products
antique metal bird cage


Bird Cage

Woo Products
bitossi blue cat


Bitossi Cat

Woo Products
bitossi blue dog


Bitossi Dog

Woo Products
bitossi blue elephant


Bitossi Elephant

Woo Products
orange bitossi owl

Bitossi Owl

Woo Products
assorted vintage glass bottles