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Please press the submit button to purchase your license. The license key will be issued immediately on screen and via email. The only personal details we keep are your email address which can be used to retrieve your license in the future if you lose it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of Websites

Your license key is valid for the number of websites indicated.  You can use your key with client website builds as well but we ask that you keep the key itself a secret (it will not be displayed in the plugin).



Your  license key allows you to download updates to the plugin through WordPress.  One year licenses will stop receiving updates after 1 year, but you can continue to use the plugin without restriction after it expires.


Can I continue using the plugin when my license expires?

Yes.  Your plugin will continue working without restriction.  However be aware if you are no longer receiving updates there is always a risk that changes to WordPress itself may make the plugin stop working.  You will not receive feature updates either.


will you send me marketing

No.   Dyggrid never send marketing or feature upgrade emails.  We publish release notes on our blog and respect that if you want to hear from us you can choose to visit our website.



The only personal detail we keep is your email address.  We do not store any credit card or name information on our system and we never share your email with anyone.


I’ve lost my license

You can visit our license management page to retrieve your license.  Enter the email address you registered with and we will send the key to you.  If you have changed email addresses you can contact us and we will work something out.


Compare Pro vs Free Features




Content sourcespostsposts, custom post types, pages, taxonomies, media library, the loop
Styling themes4 theme presetslots of theme presets!!
Transition animations1lots of animation styles!!
Cell layouts1-6 columnsfully customisable columns, rows, lists, tiles, responsive breakpoints
Load more buttonfixedcustomisable
Cell linkslink to postlink to post, lightbox, link buttons, custom link
Cell contentsBasic fieldsAdvanced fields, custom taxonomies
ImagesShow, hideShow, hide, backgrounds, slideshows, transitions
Image aspect ratio control4:3 filledAny aspect ratio fill, fit to container, match image
Responsive grid size2-4 columnsCustomisable flex columns, horizontal fill, vertical fill, fixed width cells, responsive controls, custom gaps, custom breakpoints
Post controlmax posts, page sizemax posts, page size
Title tag / tooltip contentShows the titleCustomisable
Meta datacategoriesany taxonomy including custom taxonomies
Cache friendlyLitespeed autoflushing
Social media sharingFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Image download
Responsive image resolutionsSrcset control, thumbnail sizes
Woocommerce supportprices, sold badges, sorting
SEO featuresCustomisable html tags
Dynamic filter widgetany taxonomy, in page filtering, archive page links
Taxonomy filter
Sort order
Slideshow / Lightbox / Gallery
Dynamic sorting widget
Ajax load more
Cell aspect ratio control
Equalised cell and title heights
Assign CSS classes
Css style editor
CompatibilityDivi, Elementor, Woocommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types UI and more