Click Behaviour

The Click Behaviour Panel is a feature of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin that allows you to determine the action that occurs when a visitor on your website interacts with the content within a grid cell.

A ‘grid cell’ is a single element or box within the overall grid layout on your website. Each cell usually houses a piece of content, such as a blog post, an image, or a video. When a user clicks on this content, a specific action is initiated. This action is what you can customise using the Click Behaviour Panel.

For instance, you might configure it so that when a user clicks on a summary of a blog post within a grid cell, they are redirected to the full blog post. Alternatively, if a user clicks on an image, it could either enlarge the image or initiate a slideshow. The range of possibilities is dependent on your specific requirements and the functionalities of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin.

This setting allows you to determine which elements in each grid cell will be hyperlinked, based on the What should links do setting. This gives you control over how users interact with your grid. Entire Cell When this option is selected, clicking anywhere inside the cell will trigger navigation. This makes the entire cell interactive, […]

These settings allow you to control what happens when users click on linked elements in your grid. This can enhance the interactivity of your website and provide a more engaging user experience. Open Lightbox/Slideshow When this option is selected, clicking on a grid cell will open a full-screen lightbox and slideshow featuring all images in […]