Content Source

The Content Source Panel is an integral part of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin. It’s the tool you use to guide the plugin to the specific place within your WordPress site where it should find the data it needs to create your grid.

In essence, the Content Source Panel settings are like telling the Advanced Grid Builder which section of your WordPress ‘library’ to go to find the data it needs to create a grid. Whether it’s the ‘post’ section, the ‘media library’, the ‘taxonomy’ section, or ‘the loop’, you have the flexibility to choose.

The Load More settings control how additional pages of posts are loaded into your Advanced Grid Builder. You have two options: loading more content manually by clicking a button, or automatically. In both cases, additional pages of content are loaded using AJAX. This method avoids the need for page navigation, which could slow down the […]

In some situations, you may not want every item from your query source to load into your Advanced Grid Builder all at once. If you’re dealing with a larger WordPress website and attempt to build a grid with thousands of items, it could potentially slow down page loading times and put excessive load on your […]

Query Source Fields The Query Source Fields are a feature of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin that allows you to specify the WordPress data source that will be used to populate your grid. There are four options available: Post Type By selecting “Post Type”, you can choose a specific WordPress post type to populate your […]

The Sort Order fields allow you to configure the order in which your Advanced Grid Builder displays content. Fields Order by This dropdown field provides a list of available sort fields that you can use to determine the order of your grid’s content. Meta Key A Meta Key is only required if you want to […]