Show Elements

Use the Show Elements to configure what field elements to include in your Dyggrid, and in what order they should be displayed within each cell. This panel also includes controls for share icons.

These settings configure the tooltip content that is displayed when you hover over a Dyggrid cell. Empty No tooltip will show Title The same title as is show in the title field Custom / Tooltip content When selected, the tooltip content field will appear.  Enter a label to show the same tooltip for all cells. […]

Select the yes checkbox to have Dyggrid dynamically resize the height of title elements with Javascript after the page has loaded. Without this option, titles and the content that follows them will vary in position depending on the length of the content title.  If aligning the content in adjacent cells is important to your desired […]

The Show Elements settings allow you to configure the information fields that will be shown inside each cell.  Content differs based on the content source and so details are provided individually for posts, media library and taxonomies query sources. If your query source us set to loop, you will need to be aware what underlying […]