Style Presets

Style presets allow you to quickly configure your dyggrid based on pre-existing styles and themes. Basic styles add simple visuals and behaviour to your cells, whereas theme presets configure a more complex setup.

Note that “Reset style” will revert your Dyggrid to starting default settings.

Basic styles add simple effects to your grid such as drop shadows and hover animations. To apply  a basic style, select one or many of the play buttons, and then press the update update. Reset Reset is a special style that resets all editor panels except query source to defaults.  It does this without resetting […]

When creating a new Dyggrid, it can be useful to import settings from another grid. Enter the id of the grid from which you want to copy settings into the ‘ID of Dyggrid to copy field’ and press the update button. Only the active settings are copied, not the full undo/redo history.  A save is […]

Select one or many of the theme presets and press the update button to theme your Dyggrid.  Examples of  many of our themes can be previewed on our Grid Styles page. Theme presets will reconfigure your Dyggrid settings to achieve the target design, including in some cases adding CSS classes.  To ensure the desired style […]