Style Presets

The Style Presets Panel is a feature of the Advanced Grid Builder plugin that offers a range of pre-configured visual styles and themes for your grid. This allows you to easily customise the appearance of your grid to suit your website’s aesthetic.

With the Style Presets Panel, you can quickly apply a consistent visual style to your grid. This involves applying a preset set of panel configurations that have been designed to create specific visual effects and themes.

In addition to this, the Style Presets Panel also allows you to switch between different grid functions. For example, you might choose to display your content in an accordion style, where each item expands when clicked, or as a slideshow that automatically cycles through your content.

The preset settings in this panel configure the individual settings on other panels to achieve the desired style. This provides a base from which you can then further tailor the style to meet your specific needs.

By using the Style Presets Panel, you can create a visually appealing and functional grid that enhances the overall user experience on your website.

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